Sunset in Venice Boat Tour

3 hours


A sunset boat tour in Venice is a way to know the city under a pink – or maybe orange? – light. It depends. The sunset in Venice is never the same, maybe because of the lagoon that reflects its colors or maybe because of the emotions you feel when you watch it.

Especially if it’s the first time you’re about to see the sunset from a boat, with Venice as a background, be sure that you’ll remember that moment for your whole life.

Our romantic boat tour starts at our headquarters, in Cannaregio, and suddenly you’ll find yourself surrounded by the calm and the silence of the Venetian lagoon, waiting for the daily sunset.

Evening boat tour in Venice: the itinerary

For this Venice sunset boat tour, we need to get ready on the boat 2 hours before the sun goes down.

Our first destination is the Arsenal, the place where secretly Venetians used to build their amazing ships. We won’t get it, but we’ll certainly stop to admire its two massive towers at the entrance, kissed by the last lights of the sun.

From here we move to San Piero, where’s located the bright Basilica of St Peter of Castello.

You’ll be impressed by the silence hidden among canals and how gently the boat cuts the water.

It’s almost time to embrace your better half and enjoy the sunset on the lagoon.

After San Piero, we turn our boat to reach Venice Lido and look at the immensity of the lagoon from here, while the sun is going down.

When the time has come, we move to St. Mark’s bay to enjoy the sunset with a glass of prosecco and some traditional Venitian snacks.

The sun will hide behind the magnificent Madonna della Salute church, coloring the sky with shades of orange, red and pink. Even if it’s a natural show we are used to watching every day, it’ll be different if you see it with Venice as a skyline, floating on the water.

It’s going to be very romantic if you come with your partner, but still so incredible and beautiful if you come with your friends or family.

Additional info about our Venice sunset boat tour

Our sunset tour in Venice takes about 3 hours, from the moment we get on the boat to the one we put our feet on the ground again.

The time of departure is at 6.30 pm since the sunset in summer is usually after 9 pm, and we get back around 10 pm.

Boats are used as a support for our kayak tours in Venice, a new way of discovering the city by water.

Our sunset boat tour in Venice is not only for couples who want to live a 3-hours moment on a boat with a breathtaking view but for anyone who wants to spend an unconventional evening floating on the silent Venetian lagoon, watching the sunset.

Venice becomes a romantic painting in that moment of the day, how could you think to miss this miracle?

Sunset in Venice Boat Tour

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