Typical Venetian Boat Tour - Venice islands tour - Murano - Burano - Torcello

4 hours


Have you ever dreamt about seeing Venice with a boat tour? If you want to experience Venice like a real local, you definitely have to jump on a boat and explore the lagoon, stopping by its most famous and important islands – Murano, Burano and Torcello.

The adventure starts in Cannaregio 3347, at our headquarters, where our traditional boat (dated 1959) will take you on a journey among Venetian islands together with our local guides.

Our Venice island tour: the itinerary

Murano will be our first destination, the island of glass.

Everyone knows about its marvelous artworks, made by a centenary glassblowing technique, but during this trip, we’ll see the island from a new point of view: from the water.

We’ll get lost around a labyrinth of canals, discovering corners of the island you won’t see if you visit Murano on foot.

Burano is our second stop, where we’ll land for about half an hour to stretch our legs. Here you’ll have the chance to take some pictures of you and your friends, surrounded by a world of colors and laces, enrich your memories and fill your social feeds with astonishing photos.

Back on the boat, on our way to Torcello, you’ll probably feel like having a glass of wine and something to eat. Here’s our gift for you: a couple of homemade “cicchetti”, traditional Venetian snacks, accompanied with a glass of prosecco.

Torcello is the very first place where Venetian settled when the Huns arrived in Italy to destroy everything they found on their path. It’ll be our last stop, before coming back to Venice.

Here, there’s one of the oldest churches of the entire lagoon, where amazing mosaics are conserved, together with an archeological museum.

We won’t land here, but we will see it all around, enjoying the view of one the most fascinating island in Venice from the boat.

Additional info about our Venice boat tour

Our Venice island tour lasts about 4 hours, this is why we start at 9:30 am, to have the whole morning to explore the lagoon.

The boat tour of the Venetian island ends at 1 pm and we’ll be glad to suggest you a place where to have lunch if you ask for it.

You can book a private tour with your friends, but you can also share the boat tour with other people and, who knows, make new ones.

Then, if you enjoyed our Venice boat tour and you want to try something even more particular and suggestive, we might have an interesting proposal for you.

Don’t hesitate to ask us about it, when you book your Venice boat tour with us.

See you on board!

Islands of the Venice lagoon

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