Family & Friends Venice Boat Tour

3 or 4 hours


Are you visiting Venice with your family and friends? We have the tour for you!

If you’re looking for a private boat tour in Venice we have reserved a special price for you, only if you come with your family or friends.

You can choose between our Venice island boat tour and the sunset tour, to discover the lagoon and its islands, together with your family or in the company of your closest friends.

Experience Venice with the people you love, on board of a traditional Venetian boat.

Why booking a Family & Friends Boat Tour in Venice

Venetians love going out with their boats during summer and booking an entire boat for your family and/or friends to spend a morning in the lagoon can be a way to know how locals’ life looks like when the weather is good and they don’t have to go to work.

You’ll feel the breeze of the lagoon on your face, the sun kissing your skin and the silence of the Venice lagoon pervading the air, together with some useful tips and information about Venice and its islands directly from our Venetian guide.

If you want to organize a special happy hour for your friends and family, you can book a private Venice sunset tour and drink a couple of glasses of prosecco together with a couple of traditional snacks, in the middle of St. Mark’s bay, looking at the sun going down.

In both cases, you don’t have to share the boat with anybody else, but the people you want to live this amazing experience with.

The boat we use for this kind of tour is a traditional Venetian boat, with an awning to repair you from the sun and enough space to relax and enjoy the view of the lagoon.

Additional info about our Venice private boat tour with Family&Friends

Regardless of which tour you choose, the departure will be from our headquarters in Cannaregio district, which is the place we go back to once the tour is finished.

For the Venice islands tour, the departure is usually at 9:30 in the morning and the journey lasts about 3-4 hours, whereas the sunset tour will start at 6:00 pm and it takes about 3 hours as well.

Organizing kayak tours is our main activity, this is why our boats always go out as a support for kayaks. If you need more information about all our tours, you can visit the dedicated pages on our website, call or email us.

Family & Friends Venice Boat Tour

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250€ all inclusive
6 persons maximum